Special forces Russian series 6 of 7 "Orthodox Novice" - Спецназ серия 6 из 7 "Послушник"

Спецназ: Послушник The Russian checkpoint in Chechnya , muslim militants attacked , the group discovers a  priest , who is a former colleague Crunch Alexander Orlov (" Snipe ").
It turns out that a few years ago thugs (terrorists robber who went from the police ) seized the school . During the assault involving Orlova killed one of the girls - his daughter , and his wife , unable to bear it, committed suicide. " Snipe " lost everything , went to the monks . After some time he was sent to the recovery of an Orthodox church in Kosovo. Soon arrived at the monastery squad Albanian muslim militants " Kosovo Liberation Army ", which killed the priests  and patrol French peacekeepers . Chapter militants vowed to kill the surviving novice and Serb women and children gathered in the temple , but the novice through the French Colonel ( pretending to be killed ) killed Albanian muslim militants. (Google translate)

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